Nix Leather


Quotes Nix Leather is by far the best sheath I have ever owned. It's fit was perfect and the retention of the Kydex with the looks and character of hand crafted leather, a perfect combination of function and beauty. Thanks Nick!!!!!! Quotes
Best Sheath

Quotes Dear Nick, You are a Master Craftman. Received your sheath this saturday morning, one hour ago and it feels like X?Mas is in advance, this year ! My wife and I have been turning your sheath round all over, on every angles, watching its color, examining leather quality, hand stiches, borders fitting of BK2, fire steel fitting and placement ... In one word : PERFECT It?s so well done ! clean, neat, no fancy decorations. Will last a number of long life-times ! Thanks 1001 for your Impeccable Work. You made a frenchie a happy man. Keep on the good work and wish you all success. All the Best Pat Quotes

Quotes I have two Nix Leather for my BK9 and one for my BK2. They are worth for more than what he charges for them. I would recommend his work to anyone with a knife needing a quality sheath. Look forward to Nick making sheaths for the upcoming Becker Shorts. It'll be my first priority once I purchase the knives! Quotes

Quotes I ordered a BK2 scout sheath from Nick, and I love it. It is well done and solid. I love the rich color and the fit. I will have this thing for a really long time! Quotes
Great Sheath!