Nix Leather

Leather sheaths with kydex retention.


Moved in to my new house!

Hey everyone!! I recently moved in to my new house, and that means I have a new shop as well. I'm currently playing catch up with orders, but will soon be all caught up with my orders. Which means that I'll have my web store back up and on line. I'm also going to start work on building a new web page, and that means that I'll have more to offer and more options there for all of my products I offer.


Thank you all for your continuing support!!!

Nix Leather

Welcome to Nix Leather!! If you are looking for high quality, hard use sheaths, hand made in America by an American Military Veteran then you've come to the right place. I personally make all of my sheaths. They are all hand made, from cutting the leather out of the hide to hand stitching every stitch in the sheaths. Another thing that I do for my sheaths is I buy all of my materials from local shops in my area, every snap, and screw, even my sewing needles. I strive for excellence with every sheath that I make; if I don't like it I won't sell it.